Zippy's Giant Burgers is Relocating to White Center

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Great news, burger fanatics. The owners of Zippy's have been in tough talks with landlords who are out to triple the burger joint's rent. In a recession, that's the kind of hardball that just won't fly.

Instead of paying triple, according to White Center Now, Zippy's is moving to a new home on the north end of White Center. They'll be taking over an existing restaurant space, which will cut down on buildout costs and time; the current lease in the Highland Park stripmall expires in April, and the hope is to open in the new space (at 9614 14th Avenue SW) in late April or May.

People, do you understand what this means? We'll be able to grab a most excellent burger from Zippy's and walk a little over a block south to Big Al's for a pitcher picnic on the front patio. Not a bad turn of events.