Black Bottle Owners Debut The Innkeeper in Belltown

| Updated: November 27, 2018

The beloved, long lived Marco's Supperclub, where I first tasted fried sage leaves (remember when those babies were all the rage?), has now been reborn as The Innkeeper. The chef Chris Linker gets credit for the name, which is inspired by his favorite book, Don Quixote:

"If, sir cabellero, you’re looking for somewhere to stay the night, you’ll find plenty of everything you need here - all except a bed that is, we haven’t got any of those." 

The team behind Black Bottle and Bellevue's Black Bottle Postern, Chris Linker, Judy Boardman and chef Brian Durbin are hoping you'll treat the Innkeeper as an approachable neighborhood hangout. Chef Brian and his wife, Nicole, spent time in the Caribbean running an inn, and the menu at the Innkeeper speaks to that influence (as well as including Latin flavors): smoked, annato-rubbed chicken legs; goat curry with pigeon peas and rice; Cuban pork sandwich; and hello!, a tequila dulce de leche hot pot with fruit to dip.

Boardman told me that the team, "...built the Innkeeper to be a casual, neighborhood hang-out. We have two TVs, a very relaxed atmosphere and our idea of comfort food. We wanted everything to be unjarring and conducive to decompression."

 As at the two Black Bottles, the menu is quite affordable: prices top out at $13 on the menu I was sent. Cocktailers take note of the bar's nice rum and tequila list

And I know, I know, it's not technically winter yet, but keep this place in mind come summer; the Innkeeper has one of Belltown's best hidden patios.

Open every day from 3:30pm til 2am. More info here.