Queen of Norway Opens in Ballard Next Month

| Updated: November 27, 2018

In our November issue, we named restaurateurs and nightlife empresarios (Po Dog, Grim's, The Social) Laura Olson and Chris Pardo to our list of Most Influential Seattleites. And they seem determined to prove us right on that call: Not only are they opening Manhattan Drugs on Capitol Hill's already restaurantific 12th Avenue in the next few weeks, but they've also got an ambitious project brewing in Ballard.

I give you: the Queen of Norway! Well, not the actual Queen, it's the name of the couple's Scandinavian small plates restaurant and bar. Pardo’s grandmother was named “Queen of Norway” in a parade in Ballard back in the 1930’s, so the name's a sweet reference to her. Pardo told me to expect "modern adaptions of Scandinavian food served on small plates, family style."  Let's all say it together: YES. 

Queen of Norway and another Po Dog are opening at 2014 Market Street, a three-story space that will also house a dance club on the second floor and a speakeasy-type lounge in the basement. Busy, busy, busy. I'll keep you posted when I hear more; I really can't wait for more details on the menu.