A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name (If You're a Nerd)

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Julia Hughes and Ross Maddox are hosting the inaugural Nerd Nite in Seattle. These community gatherings are part of an international organization devoted to exchanges of highly nerdy and topical information in a highly boozy and social environment. We sent a few questions over to Julia and Ross to get a feel for just how fun the events might be. The outlook is good.

What is your mission?

To bring inebriated nerdery to the masses.

How do you plan to accomplish your mission?

Just like in high school--by doing people’s homework for them so they like us. Failing that, by inviting people who know a lot about something to talk to a bunch of people who would like to learn a little bit about said something.

What is distinctive about a drunk nerd compared to a drunk normal person?

A drunk normal person talks about last night’s episode of Glee. A drunk nerd develops an algorithm to quantify just how annoying Glee is.

WTF is geocaching (in 5 words or less):

Finding little presents using GPS. (Acronyms count as one word, right?)

What are the best nerd hiding places in Seattle?

If I told you, they would no longer be the best hiding places.

What is a nerd's greatest enemy?

George Lucas’s editing department and downvotes on Reddit.

WTF is happening on Facebook and should I be scared?

Facebook upgrades bring out the Luddite in all of us. Remember the uproar over the news feed?

Why on earth would Seattle need a social club for nerds? Do people think we're nerdy here?

Next question, please.

Who are the two most important nerds in history, living or dead?

Marie Curie and Socrates. They died for their nerdiness.

What's the best part about being a nerd?

The women.

Can you fix my printer?

Sure, but I'm not gonna set up your wireless router.

Attend Tuesday, September 27 at LUCID Jazz Lounge to learn about Geocaching and Gastronomy or keep an eye out for announcements of the next Nerd Nite at: seattle.nerdnite.com.