Viaduct for Dummies: What's Fun About Shutting Down the Viaduct?

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There's been a lot of uneasy muttering here at SeaMag World Headquarters lately, ever since SDOT made it real and announced the dates of the first Viaduct-wrecking party (Oct. 21-31). Though we know it might one day try to kill us, several of us still insist upon using the thing to get to and from work every day, and the prospect of our impending commute-doom is just too horrible to ponder. But ponder it, we must.

For the poor soul who lives in Ballard (hi, Rachel!), a Viaduct-free existence seems especially grim. Luckily, the state has a plan to ease us into our surface-street ordeal, tearing the thing down in segments and creating interim traffic workarounds. Baby steps, people.

To help us visualize our first traffic workaround, the state released animation showing how we'd all exist once the first segment of the 'duct is demo'd. The video was cool-looking; now, it's downright fun, thanks to a guy who goes by "iamshewy" who grafted a racing Mario in his go-kart onto the scene. Take a look:

The best part is that Mario drives like a true latte-wielding, ferry-gawking, Viaduct-driving Seattlite.