The author and social media executive spoke at Seattle's Moore Theatre this week.

Two leading Seattle-area authors reveal different truths with their new books.

Celebrate an independent bookstore, take a tour through neighbor's house and treat mom to a fun outing just for her

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A local union organizer and writer talks about his new book and the need for a revitalized labor movement

A Kirkland designer’s new coffee table book, 'Designed to be Home,' celebrates 12 Northwest home projects

It’s time to spring forward (literally this Sunday, you guys) and plan your arts calendar for the sunny (well, sunnier) season. We’ve sifted through everything that’s coming up and selected the spring shows you’ve got to see

An indie bookstore sprouts on the east side

From books to gatherings, five things to do to observe Black History Month

Seattle’s MacDonald: Movies based on her books sold about as many tickets as those for Quentin Tarantino’s flicks

Betty MacDonald, more popular than Maria Semple in her time, is the subject of a new biography

Relax and settle into the season with this Pacific Northwest-themed reading list