KUOW's New Podcast Investigates the "Amazon Effect"

A local audio show explores Amazonia
  • Seattle's NPR affiliate KUOW makes podcast about Amazon
SPHERE OF INFLUENCE: Producers Carolyn Adolph and Joshua McNichols outside of the Amazon Spheres

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Carolyn Adolph and Joshua McNichols, KUOW-FM producers, are on a mission to understand how Amazon operates as a consumer service and as a force of change in Seattle and the global marketplace. Now in its second season, their podcast, Prime(d), explores the impact that Amazon’s technology and culture are having on our lives. From automated grocery stores to artificial intelligence in our kitchens to probing the ethical questions that come with consumer dominance, each 30-minute segment dives deep into the power structures that are rapidly seeping into the economy and civic life here in Seattle and farther afield. One of their biggest discoveries? “I didn’t know Amazon had created hundreds of clothing brands, including my favorite, House of Boho,” Adolph wrote in an email. “I can barely handle writing these words.” 

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