The Changing Face of Starbucks

The bean has arrived. Once a mere commodity, coffee beans in the past decade or so have been treated like wine grapes—coddled, encouraged and coaxed into their full potential. Now, more than ever, the coffee bean’s pedigree is everything. 

Given the throngs of people filling Seattle’s countless coffee shops morning, noon and night, it’s a wonder any of the city’s office buildings are occupied at all.

P Smoov, Hip hop artist with Mad Rad and Fresh Espresso

For many of us, it’s the first word we croak in the morning: Coffee.

The figgy maple scone from Volunteer Park Café is utter perfection. Buttery, with bits of fig scattered about in the flaky dough, it may be the best in town. Capitol Hill, 1501 17th Ave.

Make your way through Seattle’s magical caffeine history! Download the PDF of our coffee timeline.