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Comfort Food Confessionals

Here’s what experts make at home


Trap Kitchen Will Make a Brief Seattle Appearance Next Week

Two chefs traded gang life for kitchen life—and now they’re coming to cook for you


Sneak Peek: Skillet Goes Brick and Mortar with Its New Capitol Hill Restaurant

Street food comes in from the cold on Capitol Hill

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Comfort Food: Best Comfort Fried Foods in Seattle

Deep-fried VeggiesYes, we’re making the argument that fruits and veggies—even those batter dipped and fried—still count toward your recommended five to nine a day. And it’s even better when it’s something unexpected, like the fried lemons at Pike Street Fish Fry on Capitol Hill. Here, slices are  batter-dipped, then introduced to a quick bath in…

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Comfort Food: Seattle’s Best Comfort Desserts

Chocolate Chip CookieMourning the loss of recently closed Madame K’s Pizza Bistro and its skillet deep-dish fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie? You’ll still find the same indulgent goodness in the Cow Pie at owner Kirsten Burt’s sister restaurant, Lazy K’s Pizza & Pasta in Carnation—where the juxtaposition of hot, chewy cookie and cold vanilla ice cream…

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Comfort Food: Starch Bombs!

DumplingsThink of the beef bing ($5) at Henry’s Taiwan (two locations: International District and Bellevue) as overgrown pot stickers—same crispy, pan-fried surface, same satisfyingly doughy chew, same savory meat filling as a pot sticker, only double the size. Sound good? Each order comes with two bings, so you can relive the sensation of biting into…

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Comfort Food: Soups

Need a little hug from the inside? It’s no wonder that soups are a cornerstone of the comfort-food w


Comfort Food: Noodle Dishes

Smooth, slippery and highly slurpable, these noodles are high on our craveable carbs list.

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Comfort Food: One Pot Stews, Curries and Porridges

The heady scent of a hearty one-pot stew, slowly stirred and simmered in the kitchen, is one of the