Pacific Northwest Ballet showcases ballet-inspired choreography that took Broadway hoofing to a whole new level in hits such as Carousel, West Side Story and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.

Fighting nihilism with nudity and Nietzsche

Heather Kravas flips the script of a piece originally choreographed for nine women, now enacted by nine male-identifying performers who stomp, shake, kick and work in unison to confront the complexities of male conformity.

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Two kids lost in a magical forest filled with edible candy houses meet the kind owner, who doubles as a witch in her off hours, in this Pacific Northwest Ballet program.

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents Jessica Lang’s Her Door to the Sky, inspired by the landscapes of Georgia O’Keeffe; William Forsythe’s inspirational collection of duets; and David Dawson’s (A Million Kisses to My Skin) Empire Noir

Shen Wei creates his theatrical, kinetic “dance paintings” by blending calligraphy, dance and choreography into vibrant colors, striking designs and inventive uses of space.

Back by popular demand, the 3-year-old Rambunctious series boasts four world premieres and live music performed by artists onstage with the dancers.

Celebrating its 20th year, this festival features rituals, traditional dress, martial arts and ancient cultural history that come alive onstage.

 Along with master classes and the Experience Dance Program, the Chop Shop festival creates a gumbo of performance, education and dialogue.

Stepping (noun): a dance style/tradition created by African-American college students. The debut of Step Afrika corresponds with the epic exhibition The Migration: Reflections on Jacob Lawrence at the Seattle Art Museum.