Copperworks in Pioneer Square, Seattle

Copperworks’ whiskey-blending workshop lets you create your own perfect bottle

New Year's Eve in Seattle, Washington

Ring in the new year with options for every palate

Alcove, a new Brazilian restaurant, has ties to an old one

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Plus: Where to take groups and out-of-towners. Our food and dining editor tackles your culinary questions

Seattle's Belltown neighborhood's new bar Queen City

The newest iteration is a cozy, convivial spot with great cocktails

Local Seattle pastry large cinnamon roll

Make holiday entertaining a breeze with these spots for takeout dishes and desserts

We're closing out the year with porchetta and eggnog—as it should be

Chinatown-International District bar Dynasty Room

A creative combo of smoldering mezcal and sparkling rosé delivers a memorable cocktail

Sawyer's choco tacos, rotisserie prochetta with flatbread

A veteran of Lark finds his own voice in the best new restaurant in Ballard

A cookie-loving duo reimagines one of America's favorite desserts