The 100 Best Things to Eat in Seattle Right Now

A food lover’s bucket list: The region’s 100 best dishes to eat now
  • Piggy Buns from Fashion Dim Sum
These piggy buns from Fashion Dim Sum are one of the best breakfasts in the Seattle area

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When we started compiling candidates to include on a list of the 100 best dishes in our area, it quickly became evident that we needed some parameters: no two dishes from the same restaurant (because, duh, everything at Le Pichet is amazing); no duplicate dishes, unless they’re vastly different (like our favorite burgers); and the dish must be regularly available (sorry, fleeting summer tomato salads, we love you anyway).

Have we included every dish worth eating in this fine city and its suburbs? Not a chance. But we have put together a comprehensive list for local newbie and veteran food lovers—with input from some prominent Seattleites who we know love food as much as we do—that offers a tasteful trip through the full landscape of our local restaurant scene. (And don’t miss the resource guide; we recommend that you save it as a kind of scavenger hunt treasure map.)

We love a good bucket list and based on the dining questions we’re constantly fielding from readers, we think you will, too.

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For a taste of some of these dishes, and many more, buy your tickets now to the Seattle Wine and Food Experience February 21-24.

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