The Best Bowls in Seattle

In a city with so much great food, we wanted to know: What really takes the prize? Our critics tasted dozens of the very best bowls to find out
Vif’s red lentil and chickpea ful with lemon-ramp relish, radish, peas, house hot sauce, yogurt and 6-minute egg

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Best of the Best: Vif

Perhaps it’s our increasingly harried midday mealtimes; maybe it’s just an excuse to wash fewer dishes. Regardless of the reason, bowls—filled with everything from greens to grains to poke—are in in a major way.

The best ones capitalize on contrast when it comes to texture, flavor and color. The truly extraordinary ones, like the ever-changing breakfast bowl ($10) at this chic café and wine bar, manage all that while also delivering superfoods you can smugly post to Instagram. (You may not want to include in that post the two great chocolate chip cookies from Vif’s that you also consumed).

Whether the day’s bowl is filled with savory grains, lentils and greens or hearty beans, make sure it also includes a jammy six-minute egg to ooze all over everything. Just keep in mind it’s only available for breakfast/brunch.

Fremont, 4401 Fremont Ave. N; 206.557.7357;


Fremont Bowl
Fremont, 4258 Fremont Ave. N; 206.504.3095;
TIP: Just down the street from Vif, Fremont Bowl makes a chirashi bowl that has become one of our favorite meals of the past year—but getting a seat there is damn near impossible. 

B-Side Foods
Capitol Hill, 421 E Thomas St.;

South Lake Union, 513 Westlake Ave. N; 206.547.2040;


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