The Best Rotisserie Chicken To-Go in Seattle

Variety is the spice of…chicken. Costco’s chicken suffices, but these rotisserie to-go’s are sublime.
Don't sleep on Hillman City's Big Chickie.

Ba Bar
The ultimate roasted chicken dinner for one ($14.50), served with broken rice and green onion oil. Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, University Village; Pickup and delivery, lunch and dinner.

Café Presse
Classic roasted chicken ($27, $34 with fries). Only order the fries if you can eat them immediately, and always get a side of aioli for the chicken.  Capitol Hill, 1117 12th Ave.; 206.709.7674; Pickup and delivery, lunch and dinner.

Big Chickie
Quarter, half or whole chickens ($9.30–$29.50, $37.50 family meal with extra sides) are roasted over charcoal; go with the lime-glazed sweet potatoes or cheesy potato gratin, plus kale-apple salad for balance. Hillman City, 5520 Rainier Ave. S; 206.946.1519; Pickup and delivery, lunch and dinner.

Perfectly charred chicken ($14 half, $25 whole), cooked in the wood-fired oven, is presented as a DIY taco spread, with bright aji verde dipping sauce, cilantro, lime, slaw and a stack of house-made tortillas. Pioneer Square, 323 Occidental Ave. S; 206.682.1117; Pickup, lunch and dinner.

Little Lago
This is perhaps the cheapest rotisserie chicken ($7.99 half, $12.99 whole) presented here; you’ll want to add a Caesar salad ($7.99) and by-the-pound sides, such as the ultraflavorful caponata from the deli case. Portage Bay, 2919 Fuhrman Ave. E; 206.922.3324; Pickup, lunch and dinner.

Harissa-smeared, sliced roasted chicken by the pound ($24 per pound). Don’t forget flatbread and a few sauces, such as the smoked yogurt, and the addictive Calabrian relish. Georgetown, 6118 12th Ave. S; 206.717.2984; Pickup and delivery, lunch and dinner.

San Fernando
Moist, crisp Peruvian roasted chicken ($13 half, $24 whole) that reheats nicely, even hours later, at 475 degrees. Order extra spicy green sauce and fried plantains on the side. Lynnwood, 20815 67th Ave. W, 425.275.9597; Judkins Park, 900 Rainier Ave. S; 206.331.3763; Pickup and delivery, lunch and dinner.

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