The Best Takeout Food in Seattle

Looking for a healthy not-so-sad desk lunch or a last-minute indulgence? Bring the restaurant experience home with our favorite dishes to go.
Box it up and feast.

We live in the golden age of restaurant takeout. The options are seemingly endless. Sure, there’s pizza—not just New York–style pies, but deep-dish, thick-cut squares and Neapolitan—and the requisite Thai, Indian and sticky American Chinese, best eaten with chopsticks straight from the box it’s delivered in. But now, thanks to a veritable army of clean-eating young professionals, there are also salads, poke, pho, grain bowls and other healthy options. You want to eat hovering over your work laptop or at home in your stretchy pants? You got it.

But just because you can order something to go, doesn’t mean you should. 

We’ve all seen great dishes turn to nothing but soggy buns and congealed pools of grease given too much time. Our guide to the area’s greatest spots for both takeout and delivery—including the best options for healthy fast-casual lunches, fancy picnic provisions and more—highlights the standout dishes you want to order that also travel well. Now, sit back and relax. We’ll take care of the dishes.

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