Capitol Hill Tea Cafe Closing After 11 Years

Soon Modern Steep's cafe will hit the lights for the last time, but you can still get its organic teas.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
Fret not, leaf hounds. You'll still be able to score those sweet, sweet blends online.

Capitol Hill’s bar and restaurant scene is an ever-evolving beast. One day, we get word a gay bar institution is moving, the next we get a sneak peek at a snazzy new brewpub.

But today we bear the not-so-happy news that a longstanding café is calling it quits. Modern Steep Tea Company is shutting down its café and retail shop at 15th Avenue East and Harrison Street. In a Facebook announcement, owners cite a handful of reasons for the closure, including slow winter sales (at least partially attributed to building construction), equipment failures and “landlord-related expenses.” Plus, more people are buying their tea (and just about everything) online these days, which is why Modern Steep will continue the online retail portion of its business.

“Plain and simple, it’s a different world,” the steepers write.

Good news is owners Christopher Glenn and Rich Irish will continue the online portion of the biz, keeping the pu’er party rolling in one form at least. The brick-and-mortar location will remain open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Aug. 26.

While the Modern Steep name came about during a rebranding earlier this year, the business’ Seattle roots run much deeper. The tea shop launched 11 years ago as Remedy Teas. Founders Anthony and Andrea Arnold sold the business back in 2014, according to the Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

Regardless, there will soon be one fewer place on the Hill to get sconed and sip organic tea-infused smoothies. And that, Seattle, is a bummer.

Read the full announcement below.


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