Ethan Stowell's Super Bueno Is Now Open

Attention parents: This is where you'll want to be having dinner later
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Gimme all the tacos.

If Ethan and Angela Stowell have learned anything by the success of Frelard Pizza Company it’s that good food + booze + kid pit = full tables every damn day of the week. Parents are begging for more kid-friendly dining options in this city that aren’t, you know, based on the Chuck E. Cheese business model. 

The Stowells have turned this recipe for success into their newest venture—and their first foray into Mexican cuisine—with Super Bueno, open officially today on Stone Way North, bridging the blocks that house Manolin and Art of the Table.

During the day, Super Bueno will be a café, specializing in grab-and-go meals like breakfast burritos and pastries, plus fresh-squeezed orange juice and coffee. At 4 p.m., it switches gears to fully showcase the epic bi-level space with plenty of seating, including a few coveted tables upstairs right next to the well-appointed kiddie play area (Magna-Tiles for the win, you can tell these guys are parenting pros). The décor is colorful, the neon’s bright, the patio’s heated and the margaritas are just strong enough.

Food served during dinner sticks to pretty basic Mexican fare: generously cheesy quesadillas for the kids and seven types of tacos for the parents (get a trio of fried cod, cochinita pibil and carne asada for the best range). Chips and salsa aren’t free, though you’ll wanna splurge $6 on the warm chips and adorable mason jars of house-made salsas. Don’t expect a lot of spice—ask for the bottles of hot sauce if you want to add your own.

Super Bueno comes hot on the heels of Cortina, the Stowells’ 130-seat mega-restaurant that moved into the old Sullivan’s Steakhouse spot downtown last week. The vibe is much different there, aimed clearly at a more… mature audience (i.e. definitely no Magna-Tiles).

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