Has Starbucks Gone Too Far With the Zombie Frappuccino?

Dear God, is it... real?
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Behold the sort of adorable Zombie Frappuccino.

Following the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino and the baffling Reserve Nitro Beef Jerky Cold Brew, Starbucks debuts today the Zombie Frappuccino, a creation that captures both the appearance and appeal of death.

In a fit of literalism, the frozen drink is designed to look like an undead figure. It features new “green caramel apple powder” blended with ice and the various base syrups at the heart of all fraps to form the body of the zombie—a mass of putrid, festering flesh. Just what you to get you over that mid-morning hump.

Half an inch from the rim, special “pink mocha drizzle” simulates blood that drips down into the sallow body from the “neck” of this Zombie, presumably where it was bitten and infected by another frappuccino. Above this rises the creature’s head, a great swirl of “pink brains whipped cream,” which probably tastes like regular whipped cream only Halloween-y.

The drink is outrageous, but it’s hardly a surprise. Starbucks has long capitalized on fall and the holiday season, relying on the yearly backlash and counter-backlash to pumpkin spice lattes, holiday cups, and whatever else people want to get mad online about that week. Like its predecessors, the drink is clearly made for Instagram, where the bold colors will pop, even if the questionable flavor combinations will be quickly forgotten.

The Zombie Frappuccino is available October 26-31 at participating Starbucks locations.

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