Here's the Difference Between All Those Restaurant Delivery Apps

Not all food delivery apps are created equal. Make sure you pick the right one.
Choose wisely based on your cravings.

Gone are the days where you really knew your neighborhood pizza delivery guy—and the days when pizza was your only option for delivery. With the rise of third-party delivery companies (we counted more than a dozen operating in the Seattle area, and that’s not including anything related to Amazon), you can now get almost any restaurant’s food delivered to your home or office.

And while many of these services are virtually indistinguishable—apps, updates and, unfortunately, service fees are all but ubiquitous—we’ve picked a few of our favorites. Ultimately, though, we tend to choose based on cravings over preferred deliverer. You should, too.

Best Selection: DoorDash
With nearly 2,000 restaurant options, from JuneBaby to Subway. 

Best User Experience: Caviar
Features a polished app and web interface, plus, it’s now offering pickup orders, too. 

Fastest Service: UberEats
Most orders only take about a half hour, which is faster than picking up a microwave burrito at the mini mart down the street.

Greatest Opportunity for Customization: Postmates
There are plenty of options for write-in instructions and customizing your order, however specific, and this service delivers from both restaurants and stores. 

Best Office Lunch Option: Peach
The selection is limited (with just one choice a day, you’re either in or you’re out), but if you’re ordering for a crowd, this service is tops. 

Easiest All-in-One: Yelp’s Eat24
With reviews, ordering and super-specific delivery times all in one place, this option wins on super-indecisive evenings.

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