Local Bakers Make the Perfect Chewy, Asian-Inspired Cookies

A cookie-loving duo reimagines one of America's favorite desserts
Cookies from Sugar & Spice in Vietnamese coffee, matcha mallow and black sesame toffee flavors

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We can disagree on many things—deep dish versus thin crust, regular versus decaf—but one thing is certain: A chewy cookie is the best cookie.

Proving that morsel of truth, Seattle-based Sugar & Spice cookies are textural perfection, crisp on the edges and chewy in the center, and come in a variety of Asian-inspired flavors, such as Vietnamese coffee, black sesame toffee and matcha mallow ($3 each, available by special order or at local markets). The third-generation Asian-American couple behind these tasty new treats is Audrey Szeto (in her first professional baking gig) and Michael Wang (who handles the business). Their cookies are reminiscent of bakery chain Milk Bar’s highly addictive and nationally sought-after cookies, and in the best possible way.

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