(More) New Ice Cream Spots to Enjoy

And these three places all make your frozen treats to order
| Updated: November 27, 2018
The cookies and cream sundae, made with a style of rolled ice cream out of Thailand

Months ago—when it was still chilly out and this sounded a little less appealing—I went on an ice cream binge to check out the boom in new scoop shops, both new locations of existing businesses and brand new operations. But since our July issue was sent to the printer, the area’s population of ice cream shops has grown even more—interestingly all with made-to-order options for frozen treats. Here are even more spots to hit up for when your sweet tooth strikes:

Juicy Spot Café
With locations in New York and Boston, this recently opened U District spot hit the ground running—there’s already regularly a line for Juicy’s signature Thai rolled ice cream sundaes. The dessert is as enjoyable to watch being made as it is to eat—it’s “stir fried,” for lack of a better word, on a sub-zero anti-griddle, spread thin with a spatula and then rolled into tight spirals. It’s surprisingly creamy, given the fact that it’s so cold, but we broke three plastic spoons eating the sundae in the photo above. Patience is your friend.

Our pick: You can design your own sundae, but stick with one of the signatures ($7.50): Cookies and Cream is a childhood dream, but Firecracker has both strawberries and Pop Rocks, which makes it a fun choice. University District, 5240 University Way NE, Ste B; 206.294.5938; juicyspotcafe.com.

“FogRose is a secret you keep; a place of tender moments, gentle reflection, and great imagination. Our Boutique and Atelier offer beautiful and delicious ice cream creations to inspire curiosity and ignite wonder at the conjunction points of urban life,” reads the website of this new ultra-chic Bellevue creamery. If you can get past the ridiculous marketing, it’s actually worth a visit: custom-made ice cream (or gelato, sorbet or custard) is frozen on the spot using liquid nitrogen, meaning you can choose your flavor and your garnish, from Instagram-friendly options like teeny meringues to edible flowers. It’s expensive—a fairly standard order can run you almost $10—but worth it for the novelty.

Our pick: The chocolate base with banana is tasty, particularly if you opt into the chocolate pearl topping for the crunch ($8.50 in a waffle bowl). Bellevue, 278 106th Ave. NE, Ste A; 425.449.8401; fogrose.com. 

Seattle Freeze
Besides having an unbeatably clever name, this Georgetown shop serves some of the most picturesque food of the summer: vibrant swirled dishes of soft serve ice cream and beautiful raised doughnuts. Choose a flavor and mix-ins and the magic machine swirls together your creation on the spot. Owners are Darren McGill and Kryse Martin-McGill, the same duo behind Central District Ice Cream Company (and Nate’s Wings and Waffles, and Happy Grillmore), and you’ll notice some of those same unique flavors—black sesame, matcha—here as well.

Our pick: Ube is an obvious choice, in both ice cream and doughnut, for its unreal purple hue, but the flavor is delicious, too: subtle and vaguely vanilla-y, and looks great with some rainbow sprinkles. Georgetown, 6014 12th Ave. S; 206freeze.com.

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