Nachos and Waffle Fries Join Forces for a Wildly Addictive Bar Snack

Step aside, totchos

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It’s been a few years since totchos—Tater Tots dressed up like nachos and rendered almost unrecognizable by the heft of so many condiments—stormed Seattle’s bar food scene.

New, family-friendly Roosevelt sports bar The Westy—an outpost of the popular West Seattle joint of the same name—has built on this dish with its Irish nachos ($12), which swap out Tater Tots for crispy, masa-coated waffle fries, undeniably better vehicles for scooping the guacamole, sour cream, cheddar, bacon and punchy jalapeños piled on top. Like many of the items on the menu, this is no reinvention of the wheel—er, nacho—but a welcome snack to share (or hoard) while watching a game or playing one: You’ll find 20 TV screens, plus pinball and Skee-Ball.

Roosevelt, 1215 NE 65th St.; 206.402.5518.


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