Shake Shack's Seattle-Only Burger Is Worth the Wait

This all-local burger from an international chain justifies the long lines it attracts
  • Seattle's Shake Shack has Seattle only burger
BURGER MASTER: Shake Shack’s Montlake Double Cut Burger is an obvious choice, but you should pair it with crinkle cut fries and a “concrete,” (a frozen custard treat) for maximum enjoyment

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Unless I’m in another country waiting for the street-food stall everyone has recommended, I’m decidedly anti-queuing. I don’t want to line up for brunch. Definitely not for Chick-fil-A. But having never experienced Shake Shack, I felt a professional obligation to wait in line with everyone else when the chain opened a South Lake Union outlet in October.

Whereas the ShackBurger is the same whether you eat it in New York or Las Vegas or Dubai, the buttery, indulgent, Seattle-only Montlake Double Cut Burger ($10.99) is an entirely local experience: double patties made from small-farm Washington beef, caramelized onions, a mayo/mustard blend and Beecher’s Just Jack cheese, all swaddled in a Macrina brioche bun. This burger is made in limited quantities daily—better line up early. South Lake Union, 2115 Westlake Ave.

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