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| Updated: April 24, 2019
Will RockCreek hold on to its Best Seafood title?

Welcome to Seattle magazine’s 2019 best restaurants readers poll!  

Every year, many hours—and many more calories—are spent calculating the best restaurants of the year in anticipation of our September issue. Our editorial team takes great pride in offering a balanced, carefully considered, authoritative take on our local dining scene. But we also really love to hear the opinions of our readers. After all, food—like any great art form—is ultimately subjective. That’s where your votes come in!

Since we know it’s sometimes hard to think of your favorite place in 56 DIFFEERENT CATEGORIES, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out and given you a list of tried-and-true favorites to start with. These lists aren’t arbitrary: It takes a group of educated eaters and lots of deliberation. But we are human, so let us know when we’ve left out your favorite place by adding it into the write-in space below.  

Please share with your friends and followers, vote by May 24 and pick up our best restaurants issue on stands in September!  

Please note categories with insufficient votes will not be published.

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