We Tried All of Molly Moon's New Summer Ice Cream Flavors, and These are the Best

Heat wave = best excuse to go taste the new seasonal treats.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
We'll take two scoops in a waffle cone, please.

We don’t take for granted how fun this job is. Case and point: Ice cream empress Molly Moon and her team invited us over recently to try all of the summer flavors in one gluttonous swoop. (The rest of you will have to wait as they’re rolled out a few at a time over through September.) It’s unsurprising given the company’s bright and on-trend branding that their pristine new headquarters in the upper level of the Capitol Hill’s Oddfellows building is one Instagrammable vignette after another.

And then, of course, there’s the ice cream.

Our samples were spread across a glossy white table—yours will likely be on a tiny wooden spoon. Regardless, there’s a lot to love about what’s coming out of the Molly Moon kitchen, er, freezer, this summer. A few highlights:

Vegan Sweet Mint (July): Spring green and creamy, coconut milk base is the perfect neutral host for the explosion of fresh mint in each bite. Don’t get this flavor wrong: though it’s gently sweet, it’s much more mint than anything. Think herbaceous, not sugar cane. Flecks of chocolate balance this flavor into dessert territory and resulted in a delightful surprise.

Arnold Palmer Sorbet (August): Chai-gold in color, lemon rind and citrus juice flavors sparkle against a deep, earthy note of perfectly steeped black tea. Delightful on its own, though especially tasty as a slush blended with alcohol. (You’ll have to bring home a pint to make this at home since MM’s doesn’t serve booze at their scoop shops.)

Blue Corn Chocolate Chip (September): Take everything you’re expecting and throw it out the window. A simple base with subtly sweet corn holds up to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips creating a whole new take on this classic. 

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