Wallingford Welcomes the City's First Spanish-speaking-only Café

Time to brush up on your Spanish
Tarta de Santiago, one of the dishes on the menu at Olé Cafe

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Amanda Reichert wanted a place where the students from her Spanish language learning center, Vámonos Spanish Center, could meet and practice after class. That’s how she found herself opening Olé Café (Wallingford). Not only a place for culture and language exchange (though one-on-one tutoring may soon be available), the café also offers a short menu of tapas and drinks.

Don’t worry about hauling out those old high school Spanish textbooks—Reichert also wants those who don’t speak Spanish to frequent the café.

Here's how to get around:

I would like the pinchos, please. Me gustarían los pinchos, por favor.
How much are the churros?

¿Cuánto cuestan los churros?

What kind of alcoholic drinks do you have?

¿Cuáles bebidas alcohólicas tienen?

Thank you so much!

¡Muchas gracias!

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