Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: Best Pierogies, Hot Wings and Weekday Brunch

By Seattle Magazine Staff

October 23, 2019

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Selective-focus image of Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings

Sometimes there’s nothing that can kick a particular craving, be it hot wings to pierogies. When we can’t get exactly what we want there’s almost always a good second choice, like the pho-and-ramen-adjacent soba for a noodle soup craving. Our editor-in-chief Chelsea Lin has answers to all your dining questions in this week’s installment of our Instagram Q&A. 

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Pho or ramen near Fremont?

It’s neither pho nor ramen, but you should go to Kamonegi and have soba, which satisfies that same noodle soup craving—and chef Mutsuko Soma is making better soba than anyone nationally

Nice dinner restaurants friendly for parties of 1?

Eating dinner alone gives you the option to walk into almost anywhere and sit at the bar. Go somewhere like Il Nido, where it’s hard to get a reservation, or opt for sushi somewhere like Sushi Kashiba that may have a single seat. 

Any suggestions for a nice restaurant for an anniversary night in Seattle/Bellevue/Kirkland?

Café Juanita in Kirkland is the obvious choice here, and I’ve actually gone there for my own anniversary and had a wonderful meal. Como, which is an Italian restaurant that just opened in Kirkland on the lake, is another good option.

Best weekday brunch spot?

If you’re fine with something simple, I love all-day cafes like Vif and Mr. West, and you can find great breakfast/brunch menus at both. But if you’re looking for a greasy spoon kind of diner breakfast, go to Bay Café in the Magnolia fisherman’s terminal. 

Where can I find pierogies in Seattle (not incl. Pelmini Dumpling Tzar)?

I love pierogies, and you should absolutely go to PB Kitchen, at the Polish Home community center, which makes the best pierogies in town, but it’s only open Fridays for dinner and Sunday afternoons. 

What’s the best place for hot wings in QA, Ballard, Fremont or Wallingford?

Wing Dome in Greenwood gets the job done, and it’s not far from these neighborhoods… The wings at King’s Hardware in Ballard are great, and only 39 cents on Mondays. 

Most authentic Thai? 

I’m still mourning the loss of Little Uncle, but I really love Pestle Rock in Ballard and Bangrak Market in Belltown, plus Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen, which has a couple of locations and a new spot called Kin Len in Fremont that I’m excited to try. 

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