Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: Best Spots in U District, King Crab and Birthday Dinners

By Seattle magazine staff

October 9, 2019

Plus: The essential Seattle restaurants you shouldn't miss


Deciding where to go out to dinner with others can be a complex balancing act of many tastes and opinions, but our editor-in-chief Chelsea Lin has some recommendations for where to take people to impress, from birthdays to baby showers, with this week’s installment of our Instagram Q&A.

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What are the best places to eat in the Northgate area?

You know, I’m patiently waiting for food to get really good near Northgate when the new lightrail station opens… Until then, my favorite spot is Kizuki for ramen near the movie theater. 

Do beef wellingtons exist in Seattle? 

I have spent an absurdly long time researching this when other people have asked… I’ve heard various places rumored to have one, but have yet to find it on a menu myself. Anyone out there have a reliable Wellington source? 

What are the best bars/restaurants to take out of town guests?

I always opt for impressing my guests when I can, and my experience is that out-of-towners love a good view spot. I’d go with someplace like Mbar or Westward, where you can find good food, drinks and a killer view. 

Best place for Japanese food in Redmond/Bellevue?

Bellevue has some great Japanese food… Gyu-kaku is a good option for Japanese-style barbecue, particularly if you’re dining with a big group. I love the ramen options in Bellevue, too: Santouka is my favorite of the spots over there, but there’s a Kizuki there too (like the one in Northgate) and Jinya ramen bar, and all are pretty great. 

Woodinville dinner suggestions?

Herbfarm is something really special, if you’ve never been there and want a truly over-the-top dinner. I’ve had good meals at Hollywood Tavern, though I haven’t been recently. And I’ve heard good things about Heritage, I just haven’t been myself. 

Best steak in Seattle for lunch date?

Go to Metropolitan Grill, which is open for lunch and feels like a truly special way to spend a couple hours midday. Don’t forget the martinis! 

Best nice brunch spots for hosting a baby shower?

Eden Hill Provisions just opened, and they’re launching brunch this weekend, so definitely check that out. Rock Creek has a lovely little private room upstairs you can request depending on the size of your party, and I really like their brunch menu, too. 

Bday dinner—Monsoon or Sawyer?

Ooooh, tough call. But I’m gonna go with Sawyer for the added bonus of great cocktails and dessert, which is crucial to birthday celebrations. 

Best grocery store take out meal? 

I LOVE a good salad bar, and my favorite is at Ballard Market, but Met Market does a really excellent job when it comes to ready-to-eat hot dishes.

Restaurant with live romantic music? 

I don’t know if it’s specifically romantic music, but the live music at Alcove on Saturdays is delightful, and I guarantee a good portion of the dining room will get up and dance. Dinner there is such a joy, and there’s nothing more romantic than that, right? 

Best place for salmon in Seattle? 

When we were researching this a couple of years ago, I found that I loved the salmon at Opus Co. in Greenwood, and honestly, I still don’t think I’ve had it better prepared elsewhere. 

Favorite spot in Edmonds?

Barkada is a place I don’t get too often enough, though I really like the Filipino/PNW hybrid food there, and the drinks are fun. I’m also really excited about a new sushi restaurant called San Kai that will be opening in Edmonds soon from the chef behind Kisaku. 

I am brand new to Seattle, moved to Magnolia. Any great spots there?

Magnolia is a wonderful neighborhood for many reasons, but it’s restaurant scene isn’t really one of them. It’s all about the neighborhood restaurants like Niko’s Gyros, Yume Sushi and Serendipity, and you should most definitely go to Nutty Squirrel Gelato

Essential Seattle restaurants?

Hey, we have a list for that! Not necessarily the essential restaurants, but the dishes you simply have to try.

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