Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: Cajun Food, Dumplings and the Best Craft Cocktails

Plus: Where to take cooking classes in Seattle
| Updated: September 25, 2019
A cocktail from Canon

With the arrival of fall, we are bound to crave comfort food more and more with every new drop of rain. Our editor-in-chief Chelsea Lin has some recommendations with this week's installment of our Instagram Q&A, from warm dumplings to hearty cajun food. 

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Where is the best place to take a cooking class in Seattle?

We’re lucky to have so many great options here, but I really love the Pantry, which is a super cool spot tucked behind Delancey in Ballard. Their classes sell out REALLY fast, and they release a whole season’s at once, so make sure to put the date those go on sale on your calendar. 

Best place for lunch near Pike Place with a 1-year-old?

I guess it depends on whether you’re looking for food for you or for your 1yo… Beecher’s has some of the best mac and cheese in the city, and any toddler (or adult) would be happy there. But there’s also Bavarian Meats, Miss Café, Steelhead Diner… I’d say most places are suitable for you and your kiddo!

Where are the best fish tacos? 

I actually really like the fish tacos at El Camion, if you’re going the super casual taco truck route. La Carte de Oaxaca in Ballard makes excellent fish tacos as well.

Best Mediterranean food downtown?

Ooh, if you’ve never been to Eggs and Plants, it’s such a delight! They have sabich, which almost nowhere in Seattle offers, as well as shakshuka, falafel and (incongruently) some pretty great smoothies, too. 

Eastside sandwich shops – where are they?!

I admittedly don’t generally go for sandwiches when I’m on the Eastside, but I do love Tres, which is a Japanese sandwich shop in Bellevue. They make the most perfect little prepackaged sandwiches on fluffy Japanese white bread with the crusts cut off, just like you’d find at a 7-11 in Tokyo. 

If the Michelin guide came to Seattle, who would get stars and how many?

So, I know you’ve submitted this question before, but truthfully, this is something you could have a whole panel of people deliberate for months, and it is not something I can sum up in 15 seconds of video time. Sorry! 

New to the area, what’s top of the ‘must list’?

Head over to our website to look at this year’s Best New Restaurants package, which is our September cover story now online. Swipe up and check that out. It’ll give you a good place to start! 

Best mom-and-pop dumpling spot? 

Little Ting’s in Greenwood is so good! You’re guaranteed to see them folding dumplings at the counter, so you know they’re super fresh, and you can even get a bag of frozen dumplings to take home and keep in case of emergency. 

Where to get the best craft cocktails?

Canon’s still the best, hands down. Though there are a lot, a LOT of good cocktails in this town. 

Cajun food?

Where Ya At Matt’s food truck is an excellent option for traditional New Orleans-style fare. There are a number of Creole-inspired dishes at Geo’s, and everything I’ve tried there has been great. Toulouse Petit is still so popular, too, though it’s been years since I’ve been so I can’t speak to it currently. 

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