Ethan Stowell to Open mkt. in Tangletown This Fall

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!--paging_filter--pIn a tiny space that once housed Chase Jarvis Visual Media (and right nextdoor to thea href="" target="_blank" Elysian Tangletown/a), Ethan Stowell plans to open mkt., a small bar and restaurant, this fall./p
pStowell, who swore off opening large restaurants after Tavolata (telling Nancy Leson that, "a href="" target="_blank"Filling a restaurant of that size, 85-seats, is a challenge/a," back in 2008), has kept his word: a href="" target="_blank"Staple Fancy/a seats 40, so too a href="" target="_blank"Rione XIII/a. Stowell's recently opened salumeria and pizzeria, a href="" target="_blank"Bar Cotto,/a is smaller, and mkt. will be intimate as well, seating about 28. br /The menu will be short, simple and market-driven, with much of the food cooked in over a wood-fired grill (a href="" target="_blank"the trend continues/a!) and prices hovering in the low teens./p
pmkt. will be located at 2108 N 55th Street. Watch for it to open next month./p