Evan Mosher

By Seattle Magazine

November 1, 2012

One of the most fascinating singles in Seattle.


Age: 37

Occupation: Actor, musician, member of the band “Awesome” (awesomeinquotes.com)

Destined for occupation since: Elementary school, when they sent us home with a worksheet with pictures of musical instruments on it. I pointed at the trumpet. Then theater extroverted me in high school, and I’ve been discovering new occupations ever since. 

Neighborhood: Fremont

Orientation: Straight

Grew up in: Peoria, Illinois

Personal Mission: To make it work as an artist

People might be most surprised to learn: That my dad is a pastor (I’m not religious at all.)

Favorite guilty pleasure: Blowing everything off and getting out of town and into the woods

That’s not a guilty pleasure: OK, I guess I’m a TV junkie. During the rise of reality TV, I was so glad to say goodbye, but now there are so many great shows.

Best place to eat a meal solo in Seattle? Paseo

Best way to spend a rainy day? Locked away in a dark theater in a long rehearsal

Single in seattle. Love it? Hate it? Discuss: I liked it more when I had a lot of single friends.

Describe your ideal “mate”: Smart, sexy and has a sense of humor. Those are the three big ones—and all equally important.

Favorite place for a first date? I like Shorty’s. Casual and cozy—with some energetic distractions.

First-date strategy: I would love it if it was a genuine, casual “getting to know you.” A great first date is when you look up and it’s 10 years later.


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