Spring Foraging: Licorice Fern

Lacy licorice ferns are often found in treetops, but the part to harvest is the root

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Planning for a Year of Foraging

For everything, there is a season—and a forager can make the most of each one with a little planning

Plan now for seasonal foraging, like a chanterelle mushroom hunt in the fall

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Falling for Foraged Greens

Langdon Cook goes on a late autumn hunt for watercress

Look for wild watercress in small, slow-moving creeks

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A Forager’s Gem: Washington’s Abundant Sea Beans

A harvest of sea greens awaits at the beach

On a lazy summer day at the beach, we dug clams and cooked them on a camp stove as the…

Langdon Cook

Rose Hips: A Cure For What Ails You

The master forager fights the common cold with help from nature's Emergen-C.

My first priority as a forager is to enjoy the fresh air. Second is a good meal. Third—and not a…

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Eat from the Sea

Professional forager Langdon Cook shows us how to snag tuna, clams, squid and more from the ocean.

Dig It! We’ve got so many clams, you could say it’s an embarrassment of bivalves. Manila clams, in particular, are…

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Liquid Assets: A Water Guide to the Pacific Ocean

From the sand bucket list to beachy foraging feasts, here's how to take full advantage of our state'

Though they’re rarely hot and sunny, Washington’s coastal beaches really bring the drama: wild, ever-changing weather, vast stretches of windswept,…

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Cook’s Adventures: Fearless Foraging for Dungeness Crab

Ever grab a hand bare-handed? Here’s why Langdon Cook thinks it’s a good idea.

Tropical scenes in our corner of the continent are infrequent, but last summer, on one of those bluebird July days,…

Langdon Cook

Goods from the Woods: A Local Forest to Table Movement

We’ve seen the farm-to-table movement open up a whole new way of eating well while supporting local

On a damp spring day, Seattle floral designer Katherine Anderson climbs a tree in some woods south of Duvall. She…

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