But you'll still be able to get some of your favorite dishes.

Fremont’s bastion of clean eating, shares the secrets to this health-food favorite.

The couple behind the popular gelato shops were recently involved in a motorcycle accident.

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The activist gained further social media fame this week after Trump retweets.


At this year's celebration, dogs and their human counterparts marched side–by-side, led by Seattle’s own Blue Thunder drum line.

Organizers asked the man to leave after they spotted him.

The Fremont Solstice Parade bike ride is a colorful, freewheeling affair.

Raclette-slinging Fire and Scrape lures passersby with the promise of melted cheese.


The annual event, held the weekend of June 17-18, promises fun for humans and dogs alike with a variety of activities and scheduled events.

White paint lightens up a formerly bland kitchen and dining nook, proving that this color is anything but boring