5 Beauty Products to Get You Through Fall

From bath soaks to eye serums, these must-haves will keep your skin soft this season
| Updated: November 27, 2018

There’s nothing quite like autumn in the Pacific Northwest. Between the watercolor-esque backdrop of changing leaves and an array of festive events to attend, we fall into natural habits that protect us from the season’s chilly air. And while most of us don’t question our impulse for pilling on cozy layers, slipping into our rain boots and arriving to the office PSL in hand—yes, we went there—we sometimes forget that a new season requires slight adjustments to our personal and beauty routines in order to protect our skin.

To help you settle into fall, we’ve tested and curated some of the most exciting beauty products to keep you looking your best this season:

Daughter of the Land

Iris and Rosehips Bath Soak
$33 per 16 oz Jar

Ashley Spierer founded Daughter of the Land after a trip to India, where she learned about the oils and pure ingredients that have been used in the region’s beauty routines for generations. The Iris and Rosehips Bath Soak is made with hand-harvested French grey salt which, combined with organic rosehip oil and dried fruit pieces, help rejuvenate skin.

French Girl
Neroli Eye Serum
$40 per 0.3 oz. Roller
White Center-based French Girl Cosmetics designs luxurious vegan and GMO-free products inspired by the long-lost era of the French avant garde. One of their latest releases, Néroli Eye Serum, combines  rejuvenating chia and tamanu oils, brightening blue yarrow and blue chamomile, with other organic oils rich in fatty acids, all working in tandem to fight the dryness caused by the season’s crisp air.

Whal Myung Inner Glow Moisturizing Serum
U-Village; 2623 NE University Village St. (in the old Apple Store location)
As the Korean beauty industry continues to gain worldwide popularity, you might find yourself dreaming about the glowing and refined complexions sported by so many K-beauty ritualists. From what we hear, a potent serum should be the next addition your skincare routine. U-Village-based K-beauty pop-up K Ba-nana offers an array of products that include the Whal Myung Inner Glow Moisturizing Serum, which is formulated with five potent natural herbs and hyaluronic acid to prevents dryness and nourishe your complexion.

Moonlit Skincare
Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil
$34 per 1 oz. Bottle
While it is important to nourish your skin during the day, don’t forget to take advantage of the precious nighttime hours during which our skin rejuvenates. Moonlit Skincare’s Overnight Facial Oil will give you an extra boost. Ideal for dry skin, a combination of jojoba and sunflower oil moisturizes, while grapeseed oil adds a much-needed collagen. The best part? The oil’s calming lavender scent, which reportedly reduces tension and decreases heart rate.

Follian x RICA Rose Bud Milk Bath
$19 per 4 oz. Jar
Follain opened its doors this past summer in University Village and offers a wide range of effective toxin-free personal care products. Their Rose Bud Milk Bath has us planning to dim the lights and light a couple of candles. The fizzy elixir is made with lactic acid from milk that naturally softens skin, while rose essential oils soothe the senses, encouraging you to spend a little more time on yourself.

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