The Amazing Perucas of Jasmine Ni’Cole Johnson

Jasmine Ni’Cole Johnson finds a stylish and efficient fix for bad hair days
Jasmine Ni’Cole Johnson in five different Perucas (yes, they’re all her)

First-time entrepreneur Jasmine Ni’Cole Johnson admits that she’s spent thousands of dollars and countless salon hours on hair extensions and wigs, but never found a natural-looking, stylish wig she liked. And those extensions? All she got from them was thinning hair.

That’s when the downtown Seattle resident decided another solution was needed. Johnson decided to start her own wig business. Her research revealed that many wigs lack real human hair. “Wigs made with ‘virgin hair’ are often synthetic blends,” says Johnson. That discovery led her to India, where she and her wife and partner, Miracah Johnson, purchased part ownership of a factory that acquires virgin human hair (that is, hair that’s never been permed, colored or chemically treated) grown by Indian women, and where the lace top pieces for wigs are made. She launched Jasmine Ni’Cole Luxury Perucas ( at a Los Angeles hair show in 2016. The name Peruca, she explains, derives from “peruke,” the fancy, curly, often enormous wig that men of status wore (Louis XIV often donned one) in the 17th century. “Who’s to say women can’t be the bigwigs?” Johnson asks. “Perucas are for women, for queens. We want every woman to look effortlessly beautiful.”

Her lace-front wigs, which are constructed, cut, colored and customized by her Seattle styling team, give the appearance of a natural hairline. Her key customer? A busy woman who needs a reliable, convenient and natural solution to avoid that bad hair day.

Johnson is busy working toward her best day ever—the dreamed-of moment when she sees Perucas for sale at Nordstrom. “They have everything at their flagship store but hair,” she says.

Need To Know

1. Johnson’s Texas Southern University psychology degree helped her understand what type of women her wigs would serve.
2. Customers can book a private showing at their home ($250, applied toward purchase;
3. If you simply can’t wait to see your Peruca, Johnson’s team will send you pictures during its construction.

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