Dream Abs are Just an Appointment Away with EMSCULPT for Stomach Definition

While proper diet and fitness are key to living a healthy life, sometimes an extra step may be necessary to bring out those hidden ab muscles.
| Updated: November 29, 2018

Sponsored by Glow Medispa

Are you longing for those perfect abs? Have you tried eating healthy and exercising, but just aren’t seeing any results? While a proper diet and fitness are keys to living a healthy life, sometimes an extra step may be necessary to bring out those hidden abdominal muscles. Glow Medispa is proud to offer EMSCULPT, a breakthrough body contouring treatment that can safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat and establish greater abdominal definition.

What is EMSCULPT? The future of body sculpting and the finishing touch to attaining your perfect body! Developed by BTL Aesthetics, one of the most renowned names in body sculpting, this amazing technology is approved by the FDA to safely and effectively contour the stomach without surgery or intimidating invasive measures.

Unlike surgery — which can entail incisions, anesthesia, and other less desirable qualities — EMSCULPT provides a comfortable experience and achieves amazing results without the need to penetrate the skin. This system uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate abdominal muscle contractions. Once exposed to this energy, the body remodels its deeper inner muscular structures within the abdomen. The result? Reduced fat and greater abdominal tone that will help you get excited when you look in the mirror.

When patients schedule their EMSCULPT stomach contouring experience with the experts at Glow Medispa, they can expect a comfortable treatment where they can lay back, relax, and get excited for what’s to come. They use a specialized handheld device that gently rests upon your abdomen and stimulates those muscles. There’s no incisions, no needles, no heating, no radiation, and no thermal properties involved. The best part? You will not need to set aside downtime after your treatment. All patients can return to work and continue their normal activities once you leave the office!

Something very important to keep in mind for this treatment is that results will vary from person to person. Be that as it may, the team at Glow Medispa wants to help you look and feel your absolute best. During your consultation, they can create an EMSCULPT stomach sculpting treatment plan based on your distinctive aesthetic goals. Generally speaking, many people are very satisfied with their results from EMSCULPT.

EMSCULPT is specifically designed to help people who are looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to sculpt their abs or buttocks. However, this ultimate body contouring experience should not be confused as a weight loss solution. Ideal candidates are people of all genders and skin tones who are struggling with bringing their abdominal muscles to the surface despite eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Are you ready to take the next step in realizing your dream body? Stomach sculpting through EMSCULPT awaits at Glow Medispa! Contact them today to schedule your consultation at their office in Seattle. Dr. Dee and her team look forward to helping your abs truly glow!

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