A Seattle-Area Spa Is Now Offering Light Therapy

Bellevue-based Seattle Sun Light Spa has a few illuminating treatments
The red light facials offered at Seattle Sun Light Spa are meant to address a number of skin concerns.

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We all know that too much direct sunlight is bad for skin. But a recently opened spa is betting on light from another source to help resolve a number of beauty and health issues.

At Seattle Sun Light Spa (Bellevue, 10708 Main St., Suite 200; 425.454.2700), which opened in late 2017, clients receive a variety of treatments, such as the spa’s FDA-approved blue- and red-light photofacials ($55/20- to 25-minute session), which are meant to smooth skin and reduce acne-causing bacteria.

Other light-focused services work on soothing aches and pains, and, particularly useful in coffee- and wine-obsessed Seattle, teeth whitening ($129/45-minute session).

“With all the advancements in light therapy, there are now a broad range of innovative and clinically validated offerings that fit our accessible, every-day beauty-focused model,” says Gabe Goldberg, chief marketing officer.

Not ready to follow the light? No problem. An old-school treatment—the spray tan—is still on the menu, just in time for Seattle’s dark season.

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