Bellevue-based Skin Care Brand Balances Organic and Synthetic Ingredients

This science-backed cosmetics line wants consumers to know the function of every ingredient in its products
Rho Cosmetics' Hydra Boost Repair + Balance Serum and Cream

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Rachel Ho is on a mission to put the science back into skin care. The chemist and product designer, who previously developed products for brands sold by national retailers, including Sephora and Target, recently launched Bellevue-based Rho Cosmetics to focus on creating effective products that strike a balance of organic and synthetic ingredients.

The organic skincare industry, Ho says, is fraught with brands that promote organic and green skin care as safer, more effective and properly regulated, which she says is not always the case. “I noticed brands promoting negligible ingredients as ‘key ingredients’ and glorifying five to 10 active ingredients that make up less than 0.5% of the product’s overall formulation,” says Ho. A fundamental pillar of her brand is transparency; she explains the function of every ingredient in each of her products through image-driven listings on her company’s website.

Rho Cosmetics launched in June with two products: the Hydra Boost Repair + Balance Serum ($78/1 fluid ounce), created with active ingredients chosen for their ability to help maintain a youthful complexion; and the Hydra Boost Repair + Balance Cream ($48/1.5 fluid ounces), which hydrates and infuses the skin with nourishing, science-backed ingredients.

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