Customize Your Wellness at Sanctuary Studios

This high-tech, low-stress yoga and meditation space helps you destress exactly as you need

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Part microretreat and part tech-enabled wellness studio, Sanctuary is an immersive escape for anyone seeking calmness of mind in the heart of the busy city. The Mithun-designed space has three heated rooms available for private or small-group yoga, meditation and sound-bath sessions with automated guides. Each room features optional aromatherapy, therapeutic infrared heat and a life-size projection screen used to display cinematic yoga courses filmed in Morocco, Mexico and on Bainbridge Island. All aspects of your visit (your first is complimentary) can be preprogrammed on Sanctuary’s custom app when booking. Guests also have the option of indulging in a post-session shower featuring Vancouver-based Sangre de Fruta amenities, one of several curated touches that also include the custom Ballard-based Miro tea blends offered upon check-in.

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