Hermes遇上贝尔维尤 Luxury Shopping in Seattle: The New Expanded Bellevue Hermes Store Now Offers Home Furnishing Alongside Parisian Finery

尽显女王范儿:爱马仕Zénobie, Reine de Palmyre羊绒真丝混纺披肩 。贝尔维尤的The Bravern购物中心有售

巴黎遇上贝尔维尤:位于The Bravern 内精致高雅的爱马仕精品专卖店 (Bellevue, 11111 NE 8th St.; 425.467.0500;,让法国巴黎对话华盛顿州的贝尔维尤市。自从2009年以较小规模开业以来,这家备受尊崇的设计公司至2015年6月期间规模扩大了三倍,以一个1万平方英尺的两层楼精品店呈现于世。在这里,该品牌的所有14个产品系列,从皮革制品,如其标志性的Berkin和Kelly手提包,到色彩丰富的丝绸围巾、领带、甚至男士羊绒套装一应具全,任您选购。极致优雅的爱马仕精品店上层楼还设有一系列新的精致居家用品专场、也提供更多样的鞋类选择,更设有一个纯手工制作的马鞍和其他骑士用品专柜,所有这一切,皆为您的生活添加一份巴黎特有的神秘高雅风情。

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Paris, France is calling by way of Bellevue, Washington at the sublimely sophisticated Hermès located at The Shops at The Bravern (Bellevue, 11111 NE 8th St.; 425.467.0500; After first opening in a smaller space in 2009, the revered design house tripled their space in June 2015, unveiling a 10,000-square-foot, two-story atelier that now houses all 14 of the brand’s product categories—from leather goods such as the iconic Berkin and Kelly handbags to color-rich silk scarves, ties and even men’s cashmere suits. The pristine, polished boutique also features a new selection of exquisite home furnishings on the upper floor, an expanded selection of shoes and a dedicated department featuring its hand-crafted equestrian saddles and tack, all to lend that certain Parisian je ne sais quoi to every facet of your life.