Seattle's professional baseball roots go back to 1890

Plus: Seattle's annexation spree of 1907

Plus: Looking back on Seattle's biggest sports accomplishments

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Plus: St. Patrick's Day history, the first Daffodil Parade and more

John Spellman, King County's first county executive

Plus: Washingtonians get their first look at an aeroplane

Seattle Black Panther Party protesters outside of the capitol building in Olympia

Plus: Seattle's Columbia Center turns 34

Washington state

Plus: How King County got its name

Our recent winter weather has nothing on the Big Snow of 1880

Puget Sound's Boeing company

Plus: Forty years ago this week, a massive storm blasted the Hood Canal Bridge with 80-to-120-mile-an-hour winds

Seattle's General Strike 1919

Plus: The Seattle Public Library celebrates 116 years of being open