5 Reasons Why This Seattle Apartment Tower is Next Level Living

AMLI Arc is redefining high-rise living in South Lake Union.
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AMLI Residential’s new high-tech high-rise is making waves in the Seattle housing scene. With new complexes popping up all over the city, it’s more difficult than ever to stand out in a sea of development, but the elegant-yet-edgy AMLI Arc is ahead of the curve. Located between South Lake Union and Capitol Hill, the 41-floor residential tower is reimagining city living with its creative community spaces, sweeping Seattle views and two floors of amenities, all while embracing its signature industrial-meets-refined décor. There are dozens of reasons why AMLI Arc might top your apartment-hunting list, but here are a few favorites:

1. The top floor houses a stylish “underground club” for residents.

Designed to feel part fashion warehouse and part social club, 41 is a deconstructed “underground” space on the very top floor of AMLI Arc. It’s a raw, creative hang-out spot, with versatility for mixing, mingling, cooking or co-working with neighbors. Decorated using mostly found objects, the art collection and design elements of 41 are as unique as the space itself.  

As if 41 wasn’t cool enough, on this floor you’ll also find an exhibition kitchen and private dining space, an outdoor terrace with seating, grills, outdoor fire place and lots of group seating, a game zone, a media box, a co-work + collaborate space, the Edge Lounge and a private party room. In short, there’s more than enough space for all your socializing needs.

2. The modern artwork is on-point.

Gracing Level 1 is some seriously stunning contemporary artwork by Faig Ahmed, an internationally recognized artist from Baku, Azerbaijan. Ahmed’s artwork marries traditional crafts and textiles, such as rug weavings, with digital distortion – in this case, pixilation. His works have been exhibited world-wide and additional pieces of his collections can be found in the Seattle Art Museum, as well as other museums around the world. Unique design is a cornerstone at AMLI Arc, and Faig Ahmed’s Pixel Series, brings modern art right to your door.

3. The elevator experience is unlike any other.

With a building as well designed as AMLI Arc, you didn’t think they’d forget the elevator, did you? Each elevator houses a surprise theme and soundtrack. It’s an experience you and your guests won’t forget, is a fantastic conversation starter and demands a repeat visit.

4. The Fitness Foundry will make you actually want to hit the gym.

AMLI Arc’s gym features multiple rooms for whatever your favorite fitness activity. The Foundry features a yoga and spin room, cross-training space and large area with weights, machines, kettle bells and more. So, go ahead and cancel that gym membership. Everything you need for breaking a sweat is just steps from your door.

5. The coveted model unit proves AMLI Arc is redefining apartment tower living.

AMLI Arc is changing the concept of high-rise living, and their must-see model unit is proving it. The industrial-chic aesthetic fits with the tower’s curated collection vibe. Most of the décor was found locally, mixing brand new pieces with secondhand treasures. It’s an experience itself to see the unique interior design, furniture, art and collections that came together to create this special model home space.

Curve your notion of high-rise apartments and take a virtual tour of modern city living at amliarc.com or call 855.207.6551 for more information.


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