Refresh Your Home's Look With These Bold New Wall Panels

Renton-based Lumicor debuts a cool new product for easy interior design

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Forget the saws, the grout, the elaborate calculations, the expensive contractors. You can change the look of your walls—dramatically, at that—in just an hour, using some double-sided tape.

“I jokingly tell people that a 14-year-old could install this,” says Lumicor creative director Janell Dastrup of the Renton-based company’s newest product, a series of three-dimensional, geometric wall panels called Kuvio, designed to be lightweight and easy to install. Lumicor has been producing smooth resin surfaces, from tabletops to statement wall pieces, since 2002, but Dastrup explains that they’ve noticed a trend toward texture in tile and wallpaper, both in commercial and residential use. So Kuvio was born.

The tiles—available in seven shapes ($28–$34 per tile)—are made from the same ultralight polyurethane foam used in insulation, with a polished exterior in 11 different finishes, from walnut to concrete. An online configurator can help indecisive clients see how patterns will look on a large scale. And once you receive your order, the key is to get the first tile on straight—the rest follow suit. “Dimensional and cool and beautiful doesn’t have to be hard,” Dastrup says.

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