Glasswing Boutique Now Has a Greenhouse

A new urban greenhouse opens with space for workshops and events
  • Bouquet of flowers from Capitol Hill's Glasswing Greenhouse

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Fans of Glasswing, the eclectic Capitol Hill boutique, won’t be surprised to hear that its chic, cultivated plant department has outgrown the original space. Just a few blocks from the parent store is the new Glasswing Greenhouse (Capitol Hill, 1351 E Olive Way; 206.829.8955), which opened in December. The new boutique offers houseplants, floral arrangements, pots and accessories; event services; and plant-based education. Monthly classes teach terrarium building, kokedama (“moss balls,” i.e., plants potted in balls of moss) and the basics of houseplant care, among other subjects. The greenhouse also offers a wide assortment of single flowers ($1–$12) and some valuable tips on building your own bouquets.

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