Ice cream may be the queen of summer treats, but a really good ice pop is equally glorious on a sunny day. Holding one instantly makes me feel like I’m 5 years old again. Maybe it’s because time slows down with every icy lick.

Any holiday involving ice cream is one we can definitely get on board with.

Sweet-toothed Seattleites have no shortage of options when it comes to fulfilling a craving for ice cream. But the newest take on the dairy freeze is not about the Molly Moons, Full Tilts and Bluebirds in the city.

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It’s freaking hot. And we have no idea how much longer it will last. Between last-minute camping trips and back-to-school shopping, make some time to indulge in some new frozen treats.

When it comes to treats, we don’t discriminate. And we appreciate when the city’s premier treatmakers don’t, either.

So, Labor Day happened. I guess that means summer is unofficially over, but I'm not buying it yet. And according to a pretty inspiring weather forecast for the rest of this week, neither is the sun.

The Pike Pub (Pike Place Market, 1415 First Ave.; 206.622.6044; serves its Pike XXXXX Extra Stout with vanilla or chocolate gelato ($3.50 schooners, $6.50 pint