The April 2013 Issue


Interior Designer Carrie Hayden’s Custom Window Dressing Creations

The Great Jones Home owner shares how she created this custom window statement


Seattle’s Restaurant Empire Builders

Seattle restaurateurs, it seems, have found comfort in numbers—numbers of restaurants, that is. Tom Douglas currently employs 650 people in his 10-plus businesses across the city. Sitka & Spruce’s Matthew Dillon and his partners have taken on the Pioneer Square neighborhood, with three new businesses opening along tree-shaded Occidental Plaza. Meanwhile, Renee Erickson—whose aesthetic hinges…


Mise en Place: Local Dining Trend in 2013

Putting it all in place.


Earthenware: Local Dining Trend in 2013

Dish Network


Allison Narver Directs Boeing Boeing at Seattle Rep

Seattle director Allison Narver finds something fresh in a 1960s time capsule.


Burger Bummer at Sam’s Tavern

The burgers and fries underwhelm at this new Pike Street joint.


Long Queues for Kukai’s Ramen

Kukai's first stateside outlet delivers delightful ramen.


Bread of Life

I love a great meal at a great restaurant (the evidence: our Best Restaurants feature). But sometimes, what I crave for dinner is simple: very good bread, very good butter and a glass of earthy, dry red wine. Lately, when I practice this simple ritual, it’s with the incredible sourdough from Sitka & Spruce. The…


Gone Fishin’: The Bait Shop’s Midwest Charm

Kick back at the Bait Shop on Capitol Hill


Seth Damm’s Deconstructed Rope Jewelry

Fine artist Seth Damm creates wearable art from cotton rope.


Give Back with Miir Bikes

Buy a Miir bike, and this Queen Anne company donates one to someone in need.


Death and Taxes: Chanel Reynolds’ End-of-Life Planning Website

Chanel Reynolds helps take the terror out of end-of-life planning.