August 2013

Easy Island Getaways

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The construction crews will clear out just in time for kickoff on Saturday, August 31, when the University of Washington takes on rival Boise State for the home opener—the first game in the thoroughly renovated Husky Stadium.

It is a cloudless day and spring has quilted the sprawling 8-acre Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands (RBUFW) in every shade of green, from the chartreuse tips of awakening shrubs to the hunter green of contorted, Seussian pines. Here in South Seattle, grasses, clover and dandelions hug the ground, sprinkled with drifts of tiny daisies.

Stefan Bisciglia is selling tickets to space, and if you’ve got the cash, you’ve got a seat. The 27-year-old from Gig Harbor is one of only three accredited “space agents” in the Northwest trained by Virgin Galactic, the world’s first “commercial spaceline,” spearheaded by Richard Branson.

It’s been almost four years since Kelie Grosso decamped her interiors store, Maison Luxe, from its First Avenue digs to an appointment-only spot on an upper floor of a historic Pioneer Square office space.

It is ironic how we spend our days surrounded by a buzzing sea of humanity but live in relative isolation. Even when forced out among fellow humans, we commute with headphones on and eyes fixed to a handheld stream of text message conversations and social media interactions.

Bar Cotto (1546 15th Ave.; 206.838.8081; is the latest outpost in Ethan Stowell’s growing culinary empire (Tavolàta, How to Cook a Wolf, Staple & Fancy, Rione XIII, Anchovies & Olives). Its snug confines are a tasty paean to Italian cured meats and other treats inspired by “the boot.”

Russ Flint’s Pioneer Square butcher shop (the first Rain Shadow lives in the Melrose Market) is an expansive carnivore’s wonderland: beautifully marbled steaks and portly pork chops, plump sausages and house-made mortadella. And with so much space, there’s room for making sandwiches.

Personal Style: Leschi’s Erika Dalya Massaquoi is a fashion chameleon, absorbing and reflecting the many moods and styles of her influences, which are as diverse and far reaching as the Miami of her childhood and her parents’ interest in civil rights and modernism. “I’m all about the high/low mix,” Massaquoi says.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has become a whole new kind of hub—for more than 600,000 flying insects.

Hooray for August, when we can finally say it’s summer without feeling the impulse to knock on wood. After spending most of the year complaining about the rain, we find ourselves seeking out precipitation—in the form of spray parks and fountains.

Pops of poppy orange, new banquette seating and an airiness are hallmarks of the Madison Kitchen, which lives in the spruced-up Madison Park locale where the dim, crowded Park Place Deli spent many years.

Chinatown–International District-based Jessica Park, the designer of the ultrachic Ampersand As Apostrophe line of bags (and one cool necklace), is really into the concept of transformation. “Almost all of my bags can be transformed for multiple ways to wear,” she says.

Farrokh Farrokhi, M.D., Virginia Mason, main campus, 1100 Ninth Ave., Seattle, 206.223.7525; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Baylor College of Medicine, 1998; skull base tumors, movement disorders, minimally invasive and complex spine

Michael A. Elliott, M.D., Virginia Mason, main campus, 1100 Ninth Ave., Seattle, 206.341.0420, EvergreenHealth Medical Center, 12039 NE 128th St., Suite 300, Kirkland, 425.899.3135; Virginia Mason Medical Center, EvergreenHealth Medical Center; George Washington University, 1990; neuromuscular medicine, ALS and general neurology

Andrew Brockenbrough, M.D., Valley Medical Nephrology Clinic, 24920 104th Ave. SE, Kent, 253.395.1944; Valley Medical Center, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center; Vanderbilt University, 1998; nephrology, internal medicine

Edith Y. Cheng, M.D., UWMC Maternal and Infant Care Clinic, 1959 NE Pacific St., Seattle, 206.598.4070; University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital; University of Washington, 1987; genetic disorders, prenatal diagnosis, fetal therapy

Bonnie Baker, M.D., Group Health Bellevue Medical Center, 11511 NE 10th St., Bellevue, 425.502.3280; Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Group Health Permanente; University of Rochester, 2005

Peter Hashisaki, M.D., Overlake Hospital and Medical Center, 1200 116th Ave. NE, Suite D, Bellevue, 425.455.8248; Overlake Hospital Medical Center, EvergreenHealth Medical Center; University of Washington, 1975; traveler’s medicine, infectious disease

David M. Aboulafia, M.D., Virginia Mason, main campus, Buck Pavilion, 1100 Ninth Ave., Seattle, 206.223.6193; Virginia Mason Medical Center; University of Michigan Medical School, 1983; HIV/AIDS, lymphoproliferative disorders, general hematology

Carol Hartley, M.D., Group Health Physicians, Continuing Care Division, in-home and nursing home visits, 206.326.4530; Group Health Cooperative; Oregon Health Sciences University, 1996; palliative medicine, geriatric medicine

Danica Bloomquist, M.D., Group Health Bellevue Medical Center, 11511 NE 10th St., Bellevue, 425.502.3000; Group Health Cooperative, Overlake Hospital Medical Center; New York Medical College, 1999; pelvic floor disorders, bladder and bowel control problems

Kathleen Leppig, M.D., Group Health, Capitol Hill campus, 201 16th Ave. E, Seattle, 206.326.3000; Group Health Cooperative; Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, 1986; cytogenetic disorders


Michael Gluck, M.D., Virginia Mason, main campus, 1100 Ninth Ave., Seattle, 206.223.6996; Virginia Mason Medical Center; University of California, Los Angeles, 1981; pancreatic and biliary disorders, therapeutic endoscopy, general gastroenterology

Amy Criniti, M.D., Seattle Reproductive Medicine, 1505 Westlake Ave. N, Suite 400, Seattle, 206.301.5000; EvergreenHealth Medical Center; Indiana University School of Medicine

Greg Allen, M.D., Group Health Family Health Center, Capitol Hill campus, 125 16th Ave. E, Seattle, 206.326.3530; Group Health Cooperative, Virginia Mason Medical Center; University of California, Davis, 1976; sports medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics

Edward Benson, M.D., Group Health, Capitol Hill campus, 125 16th Ave. E, Seattle, 206.326.3000; Group Health Cooperative; University of Washington, 1975; endocrinology

Stephen W. Bretz, M.D., Swedish, Issaquah campus, Emergency Department, 751 NE Blakely Drive, Issaquah, 425.313.4000; Swedish Medical Center, Eastside Emergency Physicians; University of Michigan Medical School, 1995; emergency medicine

Kim Gittere Abson, M.D., The Polyclinic Madison Center, 904 Seventh Ave., Seattle, 206.860.2326; Swedish Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center; University of Washington, 1986; skin cancer, pediatric dermatology  

Dave Kregenow, M.D., Virginia Mason, main campus, 1100 Ninth Ave., Seattle, 206.223.6676; Virginia Mason Medical Center; University of Pennsylvania, 1995; acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), severe sepsis, palliative care

Physicians with subspecialties in treating cancer can also be found under listings for Colon & Rectal Surgery, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Pathology, Plastic Surgery, Pulmonary Disease, Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Urology


Mark E. Hill, M.D.
, Virginia Mason Heart Institute, main campus, Lindeman Pavilion, 1201 Terry Ave., Seattle, 206.223.6198; Virginia Mason Medical Center; University of Utah, 1989; adult cardiac surgery, mitral valve surgery, thoracic surgery

Charles A. Cowan*, M.D., Seattle Children’s, Developmental Pediatrics, 4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, 206.987.2204; Seattle Children’s Hospital; Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, 1968; autism, Asperger’s syndrome

Joseph E. Chebli, M.D., Overlake Medical Clinics Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, 1120 112th Ave. NE, No. 101, Bellevue, 425.467.3957; Overlake Hospital Medical Center; State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1995; obesity/bariatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery

Robert Scott Burks, M.D., EvergreenHealth Medical Center, Anesthesia Services, 12040 NE 128 St., Kirkland, 425.899.3446; EvergreenHealth, Matrix Anesthesia P.S.; Loma Linda University School of Medicine, 1991

Robert Scott Burks, M.D., EvergreenHealth Medical Center, Anesthesia Services, 12040 NE 128 St., Kirkland, 425.899.3446; EvergreenHealth, Matrix Anesthesia P.S.; Loma Linda University School of Medicine, 1991

William K. Butler, M.D., Group Health, Allergy Clinic, Capitol Hill campus, 125 16th Ave. E, Seattle, 206.326.2391; Group Health Cooperative, Virginia Mason Medical Center; Ohio State University, 1973; asthma, allergic rhinitis, immunodeficiency

Cora Collette Breuner, M.D., M.P.H., Seattle Children’s, Adolescent Medicine, 4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, 206.987.2028; Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington Medical Center; Thomas Jefferson Medical College, 1982; eating disorders, headaches

The Walla Walla Valley AVA runs from the Blue Ridge Mountains south into Oregon, with 1,600 acres of grapes planted in everything from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to Syrah, Grenache, Viognier and many other varietals.

The fish is always supreme at Hajime Sato’s relaxed sushi haunt in West Seattle. But before I start into my sashimi and sushi order, I can’t help myself: I have to order a bowl of Poke of the Day at Mashiko ($11; 4725 California Ave. SW; 206.935.4339;

Armed with good timing and the grace of an easy traffic day, bliss awaits you in the form of San Juan Islands tranquility. Getting there is half the fun (right?)—the other half, once you’re there, is all about taking it easy. Good thing there’s something about the islands that forces you to slow down and make that happen.

It’s funny how it works. Some restaurants can serve inspired, memorable food, but be stuck in a bummer location, doomed to failure. Others can serve food that’s fine, overpriced but all right, yet be so blessed by the location gods (and have such a likable design) that they survive in spite of their shortcomings. Ballard Annex Oyster House falls into the latter category.

We’re hearing more these days about “wines of place”—wines that reflect the terroir of a certain vineyard in addition to a larger winegrowing region.

Arts in Nature Festival

WHERE: Elbe, Washington, 15 miles west of the Paradise entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. WHY: To take a ride on the historic Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad ($24–$29; 54124 Mountain Hwy.

COFFEE* DATE: Rick Araluce, lead scenic artist for Seattle Opera (see his set work in The Ring this month) and maker of tiny, haunting dioramas. His solo show, The Minutes, the Hours, the Days, opens at Bellevue Arts Museum on August 16 (
Café Paloma in Pioneer Square, a sunny evening in June

Renee Erickson is on a roll! After opening The Whale Wins to wide acclaim and launching her oyster truck, The Narwhal, earlier this summer, in August she’ll debut Barnacle (Ballard, 4743 Ballard Ave.

The first thing you notice about Seattle cabaret band The Love Markets are the slips—black, lacy and worn by singer/keyboardist Angie Louise as well as the four esteemed male musicians behind her.

While talking with West Seattle writer Nicole Hardy about her new memoir, Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin, I mention British installation artist Tracey Emin and her famously controversial piece consisting of a camping tent, on which she embroidered the names of 102 people she had “slept with” (32 in the sexual sense).

Life on the island is all about cross-pollination. On Orcas Island in the San Juans, especially, farmers and chefs, ranchers and brewers are friends, partners and cohorts in the category of “living the dream.” More and more a foodie destination, Orcas Island is doing a few things very well. There’s not a lot of cultural redundancy (except maybe the yoga studio on every corner).


City denotes tasting room. To download a PDF version of this list, click here.

Nominations for this year’s Washington Wine Awards were solicited from a panel of Washington wine and food professionals. More than 100 wines receiving the most votes in the varietal categories qualified for a blind tasting, which took place on March 4, 2013. The tasting was conducted by a panel of 20 industry professionals, and the wines were scored using a 10-point system.

Serves 4

2 medium-size zucchini (about 1 pound)

1 teaspoon ground pequin chile, available at Mexican grocery stores or specialty spice merchants

1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

2-ounce piece Cotija cheese, grated finely

Juice of half a lime

1 tablespoon quality olive oil

2 tablespoons Mexican crema or sour cream

Not long ago, nearly every Mexican restaurant north of the border smothered dishes in cheddar cheese, a world away from anything ringing authentic. Fortunately, as we’ve become familiar with Brie, Manchego, pecorino and myriad stinky cheeses, the profile of queso from Mexico has been elevated, too.

Bertha the underground tunnel-boring machine began her slow march under Seattle this summer. She’s been a long time coming. The Nisqually earthquake hit in 2001 and did enough damage to the Alaskan Way Viaduct that it needed to be replaced, but it’s taken more than a decade to just get this far.

Bastille Cafe & Bar

For students, the start of a new school year can feel like a blank slate, a chance to begin anew. This year, however, Seattle students (along with their parents and teachers) can be forgiven for experiencing a strong sense of déjà vu—the raging debate over standardized testing that dominated the 2012–2013 school year may have shifted focus, but it’s not going away anytime soon.

We do our best to keep a lid on all the stuff our kids collect, but have you taken a close gander at their play space or bedroom lately? Does it look like chaos? Given the way tiny toy parts seem to proliferate like bunnies, keeping them all in one place is a monumental Martha Stewart type of task that can overwhelm even the tidiest amongst us.

Creative power couple Leah Lawrence, the designer and proprietress behind swimwear and mercantile Drifting Arrows (, and Billy Bartels, the designer of jewelry line Vim Beget ( launched Baleen, a new jewelry collaboration last April.