The February 2012 Issue


A Fair to Remember

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Seattle's 1962 World's Fair.


A World of Difference

Our fearless editorial director reflects on the 1962 World's Fair and the lasting optimism it brough


Seattle Remembers the Japanese Internment

Seventy years ago this month, hundreds of Bainbridge Island residents were given 6 days to leave the


Boat Street Cafe’s Pork Chop

The double-cut Carlton Farms pork chop is outstanding.


The Coterie Room’s Haute Comfort Food

In recent years, the simple comfort foods that star in our sepia-toned childhood memories have had an even greater pull on us. Ice cream shops, burger joints and doughnut dynasties have multiplied, doling out creamy, salty, sweet and (this is key!) affordable indulgences. But this isn’t anything new: Pros and home cooks alike have dressed…


LloydMartin Allures with Small Plates

A stylish new eatery opens on Queen Anne Avenue, serving food you won't want to share.


Bako Disappoints

Capitol Hill had high hopes for this new Cantonese eatery. Does it deliver?


West Seattle Fish House

A great spot if you're craving affordable seafood for lunch.


The Barrel-aged Cocktails Trend

Local expert A.J. Rathbun finds the best barrel-aged cocktails at local bars.


Seattle’s Sustainable-Seating Renaissance

Pull up a chair and invest in a functional work of art made in Seattle.


15 Ways to Stay Fit (While Staying Inside)

A stir-crazy urban athlete’s guide to indoor sports in Seattle.


Quinton Morris Takes on Carnegie Hall

A local concert violinist is making beautiful music, pioneering a new music education program—and ga