The July 2013 Issue


Top Doctors 2013

The 414 best physicians in the Puget Sound region, as chosen by their peers


Seattle Children’s Hospital Gets a Dedicated Cancer Unit

Hope gets a new address


The Top Doctors Advisory Panel

Seattle magazine thanks the members of its Top Doctors advisory panel, who agreed to share their insights and advice on medical trends and issues as we compiled this year’s Top Doctors issue. They also helped with nominations and the review of nominees for our Community Service Awards. Panel members do not review or influence the…


Innovation: Making Inroads to the Brain

The body’s blood-brain barrier is a wonderful thing, allowing essential nutrients into the brain, but keeping dangerous bacteria out. Unfortunately, it also blocks some of the drugs that have the potential to treat or cure central nervous system disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Seattle-based Impel Neuropharma is developing a noninvasive intranasal…


New Treatment: Rib Plate

New rib fracture fix reduces pain, risks and recovery time

The 6 Doctors to Avoid

1. The Too-Busy-to-Talk Doc There are lots of reasons it may seem like your doctor wants to bolt: shortage of time, poor bedside manner, or the real desire to be elsewhere. But wanting a doctor to demonstrate he or she has time and interest in your well-being isn’t about your self-esteem, it’s actually a matter…

Top Doctors 2013: Doing More With Less

Using sonograms to curb expensive MRIs


Understanding the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act likely affects you and just about everyone you know


Doctor Spotlight: Blair Washington, M.D.

Specialty: Urogynecology Hospital affiliation: Virginia Mason Medical Center Why did you choose to specialize in urogynecology? I’ve always had a big interest in women’s health issues and learned in medical school that I loved surgery—urogynecology is the perfect blend of those two interests.   I’ve read that 30 percent of women ages 65 and older…


Doctor Spotlight: Renato Martins, M.D.

Specialty: Medical oncology, head, neck and lung cancerHospital affiliation: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine As a native of Brazil, what drew you to pursue your career here in Seattle?In 2004, I was 36, and I was presented with a tremendous professional opportunity here to lead the medical oncology program…


Doctor Spotlight: Brian Louie, M.D.

Specialty: Thoracic SurgeryHospital affiliation: Swedish Medical CenterWhy did you choose to specialize in thoracic surgery? When I was a first-year med student, I happened to do a summer rotation with a very energetic and thoughtful thoracic surgeon. The first time I went to the operating room with him, he made the entire operating room be…


Doctor Spotlight: Mark Vossler, M.D.

Specialty: CardiologyPractice: EvergreenHealth CardiologyHospital affiliation: EvergreenHealth What attracted you to your specialty?My interest in cardiology started during my residency. I had originally wanted to be an internist, but when I saw how people were so sick and got better so quickly, I changed my focus. It is very gratifying when you thought someone was going…