Italian Food

R.I.P. Old Spaghetti Factory

The downtown staple will shutter this week

Same story, different day. Last week guest writer Helen Freund wrote of the closing of the Queen City Grill, a Belltown restaurant with a glitzy and storied past—and a lot of well-heeled customers, particularly during its heyday in the ‘90s. And this week, Old Spaghetti Factory, that brick bastion of Italian(ish) cuisine, will be ending…

Chelsea Lin

Best Pasta Dishes at Local Italian Restaurants

Stunningly good pasta dishes run the gamut, from understated elegance to decadent and over the top.

Storied Italian women are said to sit on old stools set on cobblestone streets, rolling gnocchi off forks, pinching pasta into hankie shapes or cutting it into short tubes. Locally, pasta makers hand-cut fine, fresh pastas, too, and they are stunningly good. Our favorite local pasta dishes run the gamut, from understated elegance to decadent…

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People-pleasing Italian food with an artisanal touch: pastas made with a delicate hand and vegetable

It’s the crown jewel of Tom Douglas’ trio of restaurants in his refurbished South Lake Union brick warehouse tucked beneath the shiny new Amazon buildings (it’s also home to Brave Horse Tavern’s tasty pub food and Ting Momo’s hit-or-miss Tibetan dumplings). Sturdy reclaimed wood and walls of exposed brick create a masculine backdrop for pasta…

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